Generic finasteride Ireland

The concentration of one of the sexual hormones – dihydrotestosterone – is increased in the body of the man with aging. This hormone causes the high risk of adenoma of the prostate gland, and it affects the hair growth on the head.

The studies of the scientists have proved that there is a reduction of the size of the hair follicles during the high concentration of dihydrotestosterone. Gaining the small sizes the hair follicles stop producing new hair and the man has receding hairlines.

Hair transplantation was successfully used during alopecia 10 years ago. But not every person may afford the transplantation. Nowadays, the most affordable and successful method of the alopecia treatment is a drug therapy.

Finasteride drug has been developed for the prophylaxis of the diseases of the prostate gland. But due to the specific action of finasteride, men taking part in the studies of this drug had the hair growing. Hair was stronger and thicker.

It has been proved in the course of the study that 1 mg of Finasteride reduces the concentration of dihydrotestosterone by 65% within 24 hours after the first application. The reduction of the hormone concentration stops hair loss and makes the hair roots stronger.

Finasteride not only helps to reduce the hair loss but also restore the hair growth in the area of alopecia. It improves hair, makes it thicker regardless of the patient’s age and clinical image of alopecia.

Usage and dosage of Finasteride

Finasteride is prescribed only for androgenetic form of alopecia which is caused by the increase of the dihydrotestosterone level and death of the hair follicles. If the hair loss is related to another cause, finasteride should not be use because there will be no effect.

Finasterie should be used every day within a long period of time. The average length of the course is 6-12 months.

The optimal daily dose is 1 mg of Finasteride. The tablets may be used at any time regardless of the meals. A stable therapeutic effect is achieved during the systemic daily usage.

Safety of Finasteride

Finasteride is absolutely harmless for men and does not cause the side effects. It may be used by men older than 18 years old.

Bear in mind that Finasteride is indicated for the use only by men. Women are strictly contraindicated to take this drug because Finasteride may cause hormone changes and break the work of the endocrine system in women.

Where to buy Finasteride in Ireland?

It is rather difficult to find an original working Finasteride in the pharmacies of Ireland. Different cosmetic products are mainly for sale which are ineffective for the alopecia treatment. If Finasteride is found in the pharmacies, it is quickly sold out in spite of the high cost.

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