Deficit of hormones in the female body leads to the pathologic changes in the functioning of all organs and systems, especially if these are sexual hormones.

Progesterone deficit is accompanied by the disorder of the reproductive function and increase of the estrogen influence which may cause malignant growth.

Progesterone has been for sale in the form of tablets for a long time, and a synthetic analogue of the female sexual hormone has been approved by FDA and added to the list of the vital drugs. One may buy cheap Progesterone in Ireland in the online pharmacy, without doctor’s prescription.

What is progesterone and what is it used for?

Progesterone is a sexual hormone of women which is produced in ovaries by luteal cells.

Progesterone of luteal cells forms the hormonal balance on the second phase of the menstrual cycle preparing the female body for pregnancy and maintaining pregnancy itself in the first months of its existence. Pregnancy is maintained by the progesterone of ovaries during the first three months. Its low amount leads to the increase of the uterine tonus and threatened miscarriage.

Progesterone provides a direct influence on the tissues of the breast preparing mammary gland for lactation.

Besides regulation of the reproductive function progesterone affects numerous metabolic processes in the body, and therefore this hormone deficit may lead to serious diseases.

Medical progesterone in tabs is used during insufficient production of this hormone in the ovaries and prophylaxis of such pathologies as:

  • Amenorrhea
  • Algomenorrhea
  • Infertility on the background of ovarian dysfunction
  • Mastopathy
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding

In what doses is progesterone taken?

One may buy Progesterone Ireland without prescription but the treatment should be controlled by a medical specialist. Despite the importance of this hormone in the body its overdose may also have negative consequences.

The dosage regimen of progesterone and scheme of the treatment depend on many factors: age of the patient, clinical image of the disease, level of the own progesterone, functioning of the reproductive function, and others. Self-treatment with progesterone without controlling the dosage by the professional doctors may cause side effects and increase of the disease symptoms.

In case of threatened miscarriage the average dosage is 10-25 mg a day till the complete disappearance of threaten.

Precautions during the use of Progesterone

Before using medical progesterone it is necessary to make sure of no contraindications for the use:

  • Cancer of breast and genitals
  • expressed liver dysfunctions
  • pregnancy (II and III trimester)
  • tendency to thrombosis
  • arterial hypertension
  • cardiac anomaly
  • phlebeurysm
  • epilepsy
  • bronchial asthma

The drug is contraindicated during diagnosis of the above-mentioned diseases.

In case of the chronic diseases, it is necessary to tell your attending doctor about them because it may affect the dosage regimen and scheme of the tablet use.

Where to buy cheap progesterone in Ireland?

Progesterone is a strong hormone which is for sale in the municipal pharmacies of Ireland by prescription only.

It is possible to buy progesterone Ireland without prescription in the online pharmacy. The cost of progesterone Ireland online is lower in comparison with identical medicine in the municipal pharmacies.

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