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Anti-epileptic agent Gabapentin reduces excessive and abnormal activity of the brain cells. In Ireland, this drug is used for treatment of peripheral, neuropathic pain or epilepsy.

Today you can buy Gabapentin in Ireland online or at regular pharmacies. Depending on your preference and severity of the disease, the following dosage forms can be used:

  • Gabapentin oral solution 50mg / ml.
  • Gabapentin capsules or tablets 100mg, 300mg, 400mg, 600mg and 800mg.

It should be noted that Gabapentin could be used for treatment of only certain types of epilepsy. Today Gabapentin is approved in Ireland to treat partial (focal) seizures.

This type of seizures is the most common consequence of epilepsy. Gabapentin helps to reduce frequency and intensity of focal seizures, including if they occur with or without loss of consciousness.

Gabapentin availability in Ireland

Anti-epileptic drug Gabapentin is authorized by the Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), as well as the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Today you can buy Gabapentin in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and other member states of the European Economic Area.

Gabapentin is available in Ireland as generic drugs. The Irish suppliers of Gabapentin generic versions are companies Winthrop, McDermott, Accord, Aurobindo, and Rosemont.

At the Irish pharmacies, you can also find Gabapentin under the brand names that have been patented by the manufacturer. One of such anticonvulsant drug is Gabin supplied by Rowex.

Neurontin is the most popular trademark of Gabapentin. Such companies as Teva, Pfizer, B & S Healthcare, PCO Manufacturing, IMED Healthcare and Imbat have received an authorization to supply Neurontin to Ireland.

It should be noted that generic antiepileptic drugs meet the same safety and quality requirements as the original branded drugs. Therefore, you can buy Gabapentin in Ireland supplied by any pharmaceutical company and be confident in quality and safety of this anticonvulsant drug.

All drugs which include Gabapentin prescribed in the same indications and used in the same dosage.

Gabapentin: mode of application and dosage

At the beginning of treatment of neurological pathologies, the minimum effective dose of the anticonvulsant is used. Patients over 12 years of age should take orally a dose of Gabapentin 300mg on the first day of treatment.

On the second and third day, it is necessary to take two and three doses of Gabapentin 300mg respectively. After evaluation of individual response and tolerability, the daily dose can be increased.

In general, up to 3600mg of Gabapentin is used per day to control neuropathic pain or epilepsy. In case of good tolerability and lack of clinical response, the daily dose can be increased to 4800mg.

If for treatment of neurological diseases, high doses should be used, it is better to buy tablets Gabapentin 600mg or 800mg. Ordinarily, these tablets can be split into two halves, and therefore they can be used at different stages of epilepsy treatment.

It should be noted that the daily doses should be increased gradually. For example, to achieve 3600mg of Gabapentin dose, at least 21 days should pass of starting treatment.

Approximately equal intervals should pass between intakes of single doses of Gabapentin. If you forget to take a dose, take the next one as soon as possible. If more than 12 hours pass between using regular doses, a risk of seizures increases.

The doses of Gabapentin for patients aged 6 to 12 years are prescribed depending on body mass. After gradual increase of the daily dose, children should be orally administered with 25 to 35 mg of Gabapentin per each kilogram of body weight.

Gabapentin: side effects

Just as other anticonvulsants, Gabapentin may cause side effects. Medical experts claim that side effects often occur when exceeding the daily dose, when reducing the time intervals between doses intakes or when starting use of other drugs.

If you buy Gabapentin on online pharmacy or at regular pharmacy, familiarize yourself with the package insert and follow the recommendations for use. Proper use of this anticonvulsant drug will help to minimize risk of side effects.

However, side effects may occur even in proper use of Gabapentin. Commonly, they occur after the first dose, while increasing the daily dose or while using the maximum daily dose.

Gabapentin has an effect on the central nervous system (CNS). Therefore, many side effects related to the CNS – motor disorders, dizziness, memory loss, drowsiness, insomnia, headache, tremor, mental disorders, temporary loss of consciousness, increased appetite or anorexia.

Gabapentin is intended for oral administration, so adverse reactions related to the gastrointestinal tract – dry mouth or throat, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, inflammation of the gums and dyspepsia occur.

During Gabapentin use, a possibility that this drug can have a negative impact on other body systems cannot be excluded. Sometimes Gabapentin causes mental confusion, edema, viral infections, heart palpitations, hypertension, fatigue and back pain.

Typically, frequency of side effects occurrence does not depend on the patient’s age. Nevertheless, the results of clinical trials have shown that fatigue, drowsiness and edema most often occur in patients older than 65 years old.

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Treatment of neurological disorders can be long. Therefore, price of the daily dose of Gabapentin has a significant impact on the overall cost of treating epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

At regular pharmacy, retail price of Gabapentin may exceed the wholesale price by two or more times. This can become a big problem, especially if there is no health insurance.

Today, you have an opportunity to order Gabapentin online in Ireland and save on treatment. Online pharmacies cooperate with the European and American manufacturers of anticonvulsant drugs and offer the best price on Gabapentin.

Before to buy Gabapentin online without a prescription, think about the number of pills you need for treatment. Delivery price of one, two or more Gabapentin packages to Ireland will be the same. Moreover, many online pharmacies offer free shipping on large orders.

Before confirming the order, make sure that you entered the correct address. Save details of the order until Gabapentin is delivered. Delivery of Gabapentin can be tracked online.

Today Gabapentin is delivered to all addresses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Buy Gabapentin online, and you will get one of the best drugs to treat epilepsy and peripheral neuropathic pain.