Meloxicam online buy Ireland


Meloxicam belongs to the representatives of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), of the latest generation, which is widely used in many countries as an effective analgesic agent.

Meloxicam comes to the market of Ireland in the form of oral tablets in two doses. Each tablet of this NSAID may contain 7.5mg or 15mg of Meloxicam.

The residents of Ireland may buy Meloxicam on the online and local retail pharmacies under the trade names Mobic, Areloger, Mobiglan and Melcam. This NSAID reduces the severity of pain in the joints diseases, which greatly improves the quality of the patient’s life.

The efficacy and safety profile of Meloxicam is defined by the drug action mechanism, which is aimed at the synthesis suppression of the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX).

Studies show that the pharmacodynamic properties of the drug are similar to other classical representatives of the NSAID class.

Yet, unlike them, Meloxicam selectively inhibits the synthesis of second type cyclooxygenase (COX-2) and prevents the release of inflammatory mediators. Only high doses of the drug are capable of inhibiting COX-1, which may lead to NSAID-gastropathy, and renal blood flow deterioration.

Studies have shown that Meloxicam does not interact with other drugs and may be used as an analgesic therapy in patients with rheumatic diseases.

Meloxicam presence in Ireland enlarges the possibilities for controlling acute and chronic pain in patients with the musculoskeletal system diseases.

Yet, before you buy Meloxicam online or at a retail pharmacy, it is advisable to read the instructions of the drug and find out its indications for use.

Meloxicam is recommended for adults and adolescents aged 16 and more for:

  • Short-term symptomatic treatment of exacerbations in osteoarthrosis;
  • Sustained symptomatic treatment of ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis;

Meloxicam meets all the requirements that apply to drugs for the treatment of chronic pain. The vast majority of patients, using the drug, note the reduction of morning stiffness and pain in the joints when moving.

Numerous preclinical and clinical studies have shown that Meloxicam is not associated with increased risk of thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Due to this, the drug may be administered by elderly people, but they should be particularly careful. For this reason, we recommend you to get acquainted with the dosing schedule of the drug before you buy Meloxicam online and start using it.

The daily dose of Meloxicam is selected based on the inflammation severity and pain intensity. Unwanted effects may be minimized, if you use the minimum effective dose.

Symptomatic treatment of osteoporosis exacerbation begins with 7.5mg of Meloxicam per day. The daily dose may be increased to 15 mg, if necessary.

The daily dose of Meloxicam is 15mg in rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Depending on the therapeutic effect, the dose may be reduced to 7.5 mg per day.

Patients with renal failure on hemodialysis should use the drug in a daily dose of 7.5 mg. Meloxicam tablets should be taken with food to reduce the risk of side effects.

The maximum dose of this NSAID should not exceed 15 mg per day.

To achieve a stable remission of rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis, patients should take Meloxicam for a long time, which might cost quite a considerable amount for the patient.

Every person, who wants to buy cheap Meloxicam and save money, will find it useful to know that the lowest prices for the drug are offered by the online pharmacies. Therefore, if you have to go through the long-term rheumatoid arthritis treatment, buy Meloxicam online.

The more tablets of this NSAID you order at once, the more discount you get and the lower the cost of one tablet. The patient may be confident that Meloxicam price online is several times lower than the average cost of the drug in the pharmacy chains in Ireland.

Therefore, if a person needs to buy Meloxicam for the entire treatment course, he will find it advantageous to order the medicine on an online pharmacy.

One of the main Meloxicam advantages is its good tolerability. A series of large studies showed significantly fewer gastrointestinal complications from the gastrointestinal tract, when using this drug, as compared to other NSAIDs.

It is also noted that Meloxicam increases the synthesis of cartilage matrix components, inhibits the chondrocytes apoptosis and subsequent degeneration of the articular cartilage.

Meloxicam has a good ability to penetrate the blood-tissue barriers and easily penetrates into the synovial fluid at a concentration, equal to 45-54% of drug concentration in blood plasma.

The analgesic effect of Meloxicam occurs within 1 hour after the intake, and elimination half-life averages 18-20h, which allows taking it just once a day.

This NSAID is cumulative, with its maximum concentration in the blood occurring after an average of 96 hours from the start of use.

The treatment cost with Meloxicam is higher than with standard NSAIDs, but the likelihood of side effects and dosing frequency are lower, at the same time.

Therefore, if the patient is looking for a safe NSAID with minimum side effects, he may buy Meloxicam. This drug has proven to be effective and well tolerated in adolescents, adults and elderly patients with comorbidities.

Thus, it is safe to say that Meloxicam is just as effective as conventional NSAIDs in prolonged treatment of inflammatory joints diseases, and has an obvious advantage of its good tolerability and high safety.