Nizoral tablets ireland

In case of fungal diseases, doctors recommend the modern innovative antifungal drug – Nizoral.

Nizoral is a brand name of Ketoconazole which has expressed antifungal action as to most causative agents. It differs Ketoconazole from other antifungal drugs with narrow spectrum of the therapeutic activity.

Nizoral is effective in the treatment of mycosis, lichen, folliculitis, candidiasis, yeast infection, and others. The pills are prescribed for the local fungal diseases of feet or hair of the head, and complicated chronic fungal diseases of genitals.

Usage and dosage of Nizoral

The Nizoral pills are taken with meals in order to reduce the probability of the GIT disorder.

The optimal daily dose of Nizoral is 200-400 mg depending on the form of the fungal infection and disease severity. The duration of the treatment also depends on it. In case of candidiasis the treatment lasts for 5-7 days, and the treatment may take up to 1 year in case of the more complicated fungal diseases (ringworm of nails and mycosis).

The scheme of the treatment is prescribed by attending doctor after the complete medical examination.

Nizoral safety

Using Nizoral in low doses the side effects are hardly probable. The drug is well tolerated, and if the patient does not have contraindications for the use, Nizoral may be used without prescription.

If any side effects appear such as headache, dizziness, increase of the intraocular pressure, sleep disorder, or menstruation disorder, consult your attending doctor.

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