In case of the appearance of the inflammatory ulcers in stomach and duodenum it is necessary to reduce the production of the gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid and irritates the mucous membrane of the walls of the digestion system organs.

Omeprazole drug may be used to do it. One may buy Omeprazole in Ireland in online pharmacy without the prescription of the doctor.

What is Omeprazole?

Omeprazole is a typical inhibitor of the proton pump which decreases secretion of the gastric huice and may completely block the production of the hydrochloric acid.

The pharmacological action of Omeprazole is started in one hour after the use of a pill and lasts for about 20-23 hours. Taking Omeprazole once a day reduces the production of the gastric juice by 50%. In order to increase the therapeutic effect during the acute conditions of the gastric ulcer the use of the drug may be 2 times a day.

Omeprazole reduces basal and stimulated secretion independent from the origin of the irritator.

Directions for the use of Omeprazole:

  • Ulcer disease of stomach and duodenum
  • Reflux esophagitis
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  • Ulcer affections of the GIT organs related to stress and/or consumption of the anti-inflammatory drugs

How to take Omeprazole?

As incorrect or uncontrolled use of Omeprazole without prescription may harm the gastro-intestinal tract, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist before the beginning of the treatment.

Pills/capsules of Omeprazole are taken in the morning, before breakfast. Using capsules they are not chewed or broken.

In case of complications and increase of the dose Omeprazole is taken in the morning and evening one hour before sleeping.

The standard daily dose of Omeprazole is 20 mg. the dosage may be adjusted by doctor as well as the scheme of the treatment. The drug is prescribed by courses, not more than 2 months, and then it is needed to make a break for several months to restore the functions of the GIT.

Who is not recommended to take Omeprazole 20 mg?

Omeprazole is contraindicated during acute renal failure, chronic diseases of liver and during pregnancy.

Children under 6 years old are not prescribed Omeprazole but the use of Omeprazole in the dose of 5-10 mg a day is allowed in case of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and some other acute diseases of the upper part of the digestion tract.

Buy Omeprazole without prescription in Ireland

Considering the high efficiency and popularity of Omeprazole there are many analogues of this drug. These analogues are not always acts effectively, and therefore it is better to take Omeprazole in the licensed pharmacy chains or online pharmacies.

Omeprazole belongs to the prescription drugs, and therefore you need a prescription to buy this drug in the municipal pharmacies of Ireland. If you do not have prescription, it is possible to buy Omeprazole without prescription online.

If you never taken this drug but you want to buy Omeprazole without prescription online, you may use a consultation of the pharmacist. You may ask questions and get informative answers.

After getting consultation of the pharmacist you will be able to buy Omeprazole without prescription online and start the treatment without worrying for the side effects.

The advanced purchase of Omeprazole online will keep a complete functioning of GIT and help to avoid complications during the ulcer affections of the digestion organs.