Cost of sertraline ireland

If your body is morally exhausted and you need a strong product for the prophylaxis and treatment of depression, the modern drug Sertraline will improve your mood, help to cope with thoughts and turn to a complete life.

Sertraline drug is prescribed for the prophylaxis and treatment of depression and depressive disorders. It is a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor which suppresses the depression symptoms at any stage.

In combination with psychotherapy Sertraline give great results in the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder which is characterized by such mental disorders as paranoia, anxiety, increased feeling of fear, and obsessional ideas including sexually explicit ones.

The main difference of Sertraline from other antidepressants is that it has a high level of the therapeutic safety. Sertraline does not cause a medical addiction even during the prolonged usage, does not provide the intense sedative action, and does not change the psychomotor activity.

The use of Sertraline does not change the body weight, and has a little effect on libido and erectile dysfunction of men than other antidepressants.

Sertraline dosage regimen

The use of Sertraline should be started during the first depression symptoms in order to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and stop the disease on the stage of incubation.

The treatment is started from the minimal doses of Sertraline – 50 mg a day. The pills should be used in the morning, or evening. Meals do not affect the pharmacological properties of the drug.

In case of no therapeutic effect and increase of the depression symptoms, a gradual dosage increase is possible by 50 mg a week. The maximal daily dose of Sertraline is 200 mg a day.

Children and teenagers at the age of 6-16 years old are recommended to start the treatment from the dose of 25 mg a day.


As any antidepressant Sertraline had a wide range of the contraindications during which the treatment is avoided: pregnancy, lactation period, MAO inhibitors application, and allergy to Sertraline.

If the depressive disorder is developed in the setting of the neurologic disorder, epilepsy, or maniac state, the consultation of a doctor is obligatory before taking Sertraline. The doctor should be informed about all drugs you are taking at the moment, and what doses are used in order to adjust the antidepressive therapy.

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