If you have difficulty falling asleep because of severe stress, change of time zones, or circadian rhythm disorder, use Sonata. Today, it is a powerful sleeping pill is one of the most effective, due to which it is very popular among the majority of patients with insomnia.

Read this Sonata online review to find out detailed information on the mechanism of action of this drug, its benefits and effects. Before to buy Sonata, learn some interesting facts about its approval and sales in Ireland:

  • Sonata is produced by a company King Pharmaceuticals. This hypnotic is released to the pharmaceutical market in capsules that contain 5 mg or 10 mg of active ingredient Zaleplon.
  • In 1999, sleeping pills Sonata received approval for sale at the Irish market for five years. In 2004, authorization to use this medication was extended for indefinite period.
  • However, in 2014, a pharmaceutical company Meda – Sonata distributor notified the European Commission of its decision to discontinue the sale of this drug for commercial reasons in Ireland and other EU countries.
  • Based on Meda statement, in 2015, this sleeping pill was withdrawn from the Irish market and is no longer sold in this country. However, thanks to modern technologies, today the Irish people can buy Sonata online.

Sonata is one of the most effective and safest drugs for treatment of psychosomatic or psychophysiological insomnia. This drug refers to non-benzodiazepines that are also called Z-drugs.

Sonata differs from benzodiazepines, such as Nitrazepam (Mogadon) and Lorazepam (Ativan) by chemical structure. Despite this, these drugs for insomnia treatment have the same mechanism of action.

Sonata affects GABA receptors in the brain by activating them. Thus, these sleeping pills promote increase of synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the body that leads to inhibition in the CNS, sedation and sleep improvement.

Sonata can also have a mild sedative effect. However, this sleeping pill is not intended to treat mental disorders such as depression, mania, or anxiety.

Buy Sonata online right now to quickly fall asleep already tonight. Use of therapeutic doses of this medication will help you significantly improve quality of your night rest.

Sonata capsules are prescribed to adult patients with severe or moderate insomnia associated with extreme emotional or cognitive disorders, including:

  • forgetfulness;
  • irritability;
  • weakening of attention;
  • panic attacks;
  • excessive emotionality.

Sonata capsules are prescribed only for short-term treatment of sleep disorders. During medical treatment of insomnia, this medicine should be used for a maximum of two weeks.

Half-life of these sleeping pills is approximately 1 hour. Due to this, Sonata does not cause drowsiness or weakness on the next day after use.

Use of large doses of Sonata may very rarely cause nausea, weakness, headache, or daytime sleepiness. To avoid these adverse reactions, follow the assigned dosing schedule, as well as recommendations on its use:

  • Treatment of sleep disorders should begin with a minimal dose of Sonata 5 mg.
  • Elderly patients with delayed creatinine clearance, as well as patients with moderate renal or hepatic insufficiency should take no more than 5 mg of this sleeping pill per day.
  • If therapeutic activity of the minimal dose of Sonata is low, it should be increased to a maximum of 10 mg per day.
  • To maintain the maximum efficiency of these sleeping pills, take them no earlier than two hours after dinner.
  • Sonata capsules should be taken preferably 15-30 minutes before bedtime.

Before to buy Sonata online, familiarize yourself with recommendations for its proper use. In sharp discontinuation of continuous drug therapy of sleep disorder, this sleeping pill may cause withdrawal syndrome, which usually manifests in the form of:

  • anxiety;
  • insomnia relapse;
  • sharp mood swings.

To reduce risk of these withdrawal symptoms, do not use Sonata for longer than two weeks. In addition, these sleeping pills have some contraindications, including they should not be used in:

  • myasthenia;
  • children or adolescents under 18 years of age;
  • women during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • patients with respiratory insufficiency or apnea;
  • patients with severe hepatic or renal dysfunction.

Patients with depression and / or a history of alcohol or drug dependence should take these sleeping pills with caution. To reduce risk of Sonata side effects, do not drink alcohol while using this drug. Due to possible interaction of this sleeping pill, do not take it in conjunction with:

  • Digoxin (Lanoxin)
  • Warfarin (Warfant)
  • Rifampicin (Rifadin)
  • Venlafaxine (Vedixal)
  • Cimetidine (Cimeldine)
  • Erythromycin (Erymax)
  • Carbamazepine (Gericarb)

Buy Sonata capsules online and take them regularly to safely and quickly treat sleep disorders, and significantly reduce such symptoms, as:

  • daytime fatigue;
  • shallow sleep;
  • difficulty falling asleep;
  • frequent awakenings during the night;
  • concentration difficulties during the day.

For treatment of sleep disorders caused by mental disorders (depression, severe stress or neurosis), psychological consultations are recommended in conjunction with using Sonata.

To increase Sonata efficiency and to treat insomnia rapidly and safely, it is necessary to follow some simple recommendations that will help ensure a good night rest:

  • develop a habit of falling asleep and waking up at about the same time every day, on weekends, holidays or weekdays;
  • do not sleep in the daytime, since it can disrupt your circadian rhythm;
  • dine no later than two hours before the alleged onset of sleep;
  • exercise regularly, or go for a short evening run about six hours before sleeping;
  • do not smoke before going to sleep and do not drink alcohol, coffee or other stimulants;
  • before going to bed, turn off all sources of sound and light in your bedroom.

This sleeping pill belongs to prescription drugs, since it has a low potential for addiction. However, the Irish people can buy Sonata online without a prescription.

In general, these powerful sleeping pills have high level of safety and produce a favorable therapeutic effect in most patients. The results of 14 laboratory studies confirm that Sonata is one of the most effective drugs for insomnia therapy.