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Alprazolam – is a new generation anxiolytic (tranquilizer), which is used for treatment of psycho-emotional disorders in adults and elderly.

In Ireland, anxiolytic Alprazolam is supplied under the trade names Xanax and Gerax. At Irish retail pharmacies, the drug is sold by prescription, but if you want to buy Alprazolam without prescription, order it on online pharmacy.

No matter where Alprazolam was purchased online or at retail pharmacy in Ireland, check the expiration date and integrity of the packaging before to start using this drug.

Even if you were already taking Alprazolam, do not throw away the package insert, because you may need to clarify some information at any time.

Alprazolam belongs to a potent benzodiazepines and its anxiolytic effect develops in application of low doses. This is explained by the fact that the drug has a high similarity with specific benzodiazepine receptors.

A range of clinical effects of Alprazolam is based on stimulation of GABA receptors that leads to a change in activity of monoaminergic system.

Alprazolam binds to specific areas on the GABA receptor and promotes development of anxiolytic effect. Anti-anxiety effect of the drug is realized due to activation of alpha-adrenergic receptors and reduction of noradrenergic activity.

Scientific data indicates that Alprazolam has a unique spectrum of psychotropic activity, which significantly differs from other tranquilizers.

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Today, Alprazolam is one of the most studied tranquilizers. Comparative studies have shown that Alprazolam is as effective as classic drugs of a group of tricyclic antidepressants (Amitriptyline) in treatment of psycho-emotional conditions.

In addition to anxiolytic effect, Alprazolam has antidepressant activity. Therefore, the main indications for Alprazolam use are treatment of:

  • panic disorders
  • generalized anxiety disorders
  • a variety of depressive states

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Alprazolam tranquilizer is supplied to Ireland in oral tablets with the following dosage strengths:

  • 25mg
  • 5 mg
  • 1 mg

Alprazolam dose is adapted individually and matched during the treatment depending on the achieved effect and tolerability. It is recommended to use the minimum effective doses.

If there is a need to increase therapeutic dose of Alprazolam, it should be carried out gradually. At first, the evening dose should be increased and then the daily dose can be increased. The initial dose of Alprazolam is 0.25 to 0.5 mg three times a day.

If necessary, it is possible a gradual increase of Alprazolam up to 4.5 mg per day. Caution should be taken when using Alprazolam in elderly and debilitated patients.

Such patients should not be prescribed with more than 0.75 mg of Alprazolam per day. In case of poor tolerability, the therapeutic dose of the drug is reduced.

The maintenance doses of Alprazolam for elderly patients makes 0.5 mg to 0.75 mg of Alprazolam per day.

When matching a therapeutic dose of Alprazolam, it should be taken into account that patients, who have not previously used psychotropic drugs, respond better to the drug than those who were already taking antidepressants or anxiolytics.

Discontinuation of the drug should be carried out gradually to avoid development of withdrawal syndrome. It is recommended to decrease the daily dose by no more than 0.5 mg every 3 days. In some cases, a slower reduction of the dose is required.

If you want to buy Alprazolam in Ireland, but price of the drug is high at retail pharmacy, you can search for the drug on online pharmacies. In general, one can purchase cheap Alprazolam exactly online. In addition, there is a wide range of Alprazolam-containing drugs on online pharmacies.

Ireland citizens can buy Alprazolam online under the trade names Kalma, Alprax, Niravam, Xanor, Tafil, and Cassadan. However, before you order Alprazolam without a prescription, carefully familiarize yourself with the instruction for use, in particular “side effects” section.

Clinical studies have shown that Alprazolam is an effective drug for symptomatic treatment of anxiety. Rapid clinical response can be achieved by means of the drug; however, just as other tranquilizers of benzodiazepine class, Alprazolam may cause side effects.

Patients using Alprazolam mainly report lethargy and sleepiness, as well as some hyper-sedation, which is expressed in slowdown of motor and mental reactions.

In long-term use of Alprazolam (more than 6 months) and while using excessive doses, a risk of withdrawal syndrome after the drug discontinuation increases.

However, some data indicates that physical dependence most often develops in patients with cognitive and behavioral disorders and with excessive fixation on somatic symptoms.

More serious side effects may occur when using Alprazolam with alcohol. This combination may lead to expressed psychomotor retardation, excessive sleepiness, and even respiratory depression.

Therefore, if you want to buy Alprazolam without prescription, you should know that alcohol is contraindicated during treatment of mental disorders.

Numerous studies have shown high efficiency of Alprazolam in therapy of various mental states with expressed symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiolytic Alprazolam helps to achieve a rapid decrease in severity of the disorders within the first weeks after the beginning of therapy. Alprazolam is safe and well tolerated. Use of the drug in the recommended doses reduces a risk of physical dependence.