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Carbamazepine – is a drug used to eliminate symptoms of epilepsy. In addition, if to buy Carbamazepine, it can be used as a psychotropic and neurotropic agent.

According to its chemical structure, Carbamazepine is similar to tricyclic antidepressants. Carbamazepine eliminates increased neuronal excitability, thereby seizure threshold of the central nervous system and a risk of epileptic seizure are reduced.

Before to buy Carbamazepine in Ireland, it is necessary to choose one of four dosage forms:

  • tablets: 100, 200 or 400 mg;
  • oral suspension: 100 mg / 5ml;
  • rectal suppositories: 125 and 250 mg;
  • sustained-release tablets (SR): 200 or 400 mg.

Depending on the dosage form, the maximum plasma concentration of Carbamazepine is achieved within 2-24 hours after application. When using conventional or SR tablets, Carbamazepine is absorbed more slowly than after application of oral suspension or suppositories.

Rectal suppositories Carbamazepine are used only as an antiepileptic means. If to buy tablets or suspension Carbamazepine, they can be taken not only as means for epilepsy, but also for:

  • treatment of manic-depressive disorders;
  • elimination of pain symptoms in various forms of neuralgia;
  • getting rid of alcohol addiction (alcohol withdrawal syndrome).

Application of anticonvulsant Carbamazepine should be started with 100-200 mg split into several intakes in children under 1 year. For children aged 1 to 10 years, the total daily dose of Carbamazepine can be 200 to 600 mg split into several intakes.

Children and adolescents over 10 years old can eliminate cramps and other symptoms of epileptic disorders, taking 600 to 1200 mg of Carbamazepine daily.

Children younger than 3 years may have difficulty swallowing tablets Carbamazepine. Therefore, it is preferable to buy Carbamazepine suspension to get rid of epilepsy symptoms in patients under 3 years old.

The initial dose of tablets or suspension Carbamazepine makes 100-200 mg once or twice a day to eliminate seizures in adults. A daily dose of Carbamazepine can be gradually increased. Typically, an optimal therapeutic effect is achieved when using 400 mg of Carbamazepine per day.

Carbamazepine 200-400 mg per day divided into several intakes should be taken to relieve pain in neuralgia. Then the daily dose of Carbamazepine can be gradually increased. Commonly, reduction of neuralgia pain symptoms is achieved while using 200 mg of Carbamazepine 3-4 times a day.

People exposed to alcohol withdrawal syndrome can buy tablets or oral suspension Carbamazepine online. Using 600-800 mg of Carbamazepine daily for several days helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. In case of severe alcohol dependence (delirium tremens), 1200-1600 mg of Carbamazepine should be taken daily.

Application of 400-600 mg of Carbamazepine per day split into several intakes helps to eliminate symptoms of manic-depressive disorders. In acute manifestations of manic disorders, the total daily dose of Carbamazepine can reach 1600 mg.

Carbamazepine SR tablets maintain a more stable concentration of the drug in the blood than conventional tablets or suspension Carbamazepine. It is also appropriate to buy SR tablets Carbamazepine for other reasons:

  • seizures and other manifestations of epilepsy are significantly reduced or completely disappear when using the minimal doses – 100-200 mg twice a day;
  • possibility to use no more than 2 times per day, while other dosage forms of Carbamazepine often require 4-fold use throughout the day.

Use of Carbamazepine rectal suppositories is recommended only if tablets or suspension Carbamazepine failed to eliminate epilepsy symptoms. Use of Carbamazepine suppositories should not last longer than one week.

While using Carbamazepine suppositories, a dose is matched individually for each patient. The maximum dose of Carbamazepine suppositories is 1000 mg per day that corresponds to 250 mg at once, four times a day, at 6-hour intervals.

Advantages of using Carbamazepine:

  • eliminates epilepsy symptoms, can be used as monotherapy and in combination with other anticonvulsants;
  • eliminates personality changes caused by epilepsy (slowness of mental processes, constrained movements and others);
  • contributes to social rehabilitation of patients after elimination of epilepsy signs;
  • reduces severe manifestations of alcohol withdrawal – hyperexcitability, tremor, gait disturbance within a few days of application.

Carbamazepine was not the first anticonvulsant drug. Medicines for epilepsy treatment have been used since the mid-1940s. Carbamazepine was first developed in 1953 by a Swiss chemist Walter Schindler, worked in a company J.R. Geigy AG.

The first drug based on Carbamazepine went on sale in 1963 as a means to eliminate pain in neuralgia and treatment of manic-depressive disorders. Since 1965, it has become possible to buy Carbamazepine as anticonvulsant drug in the UK.

By the mid-1980s, Carbamazepine has become the most common antiepileptic drug in many countries of Europe, including in Ireland. By 1989, the number of scientific publications devoted to Carbamazepine exceeded 2,5 thousand.

One can buy Carbamazepine rectal suppositories in Ireland under their generic name. Tablets and oral suspension Carbamazepine are sold under such brands as Tegretol and Gericarb. Such companies as Essential, Novartis, B & S Healthcare and Generics Limited are engaged in promotion of Carbamazepine-containing drugs on the Irish pharmaceutical market.

If the patient cannot find the anticonvulsant drug at regular pharmacy, he can buy Carbamazepine online. When buying Carbamazepine on online pharmacies, the patient remains completely anonymous and he does not need a prescription.