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Diazepam – is a broad-spectrum drug. It can be used to eliminate symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, alcohol withdrawal, as well as to get rid of seizures in epilepsy. Patients who experience muscle spasms because of tetanus or cerebrovascular accident can also buy Diazepam in Ireland.

Diazepam is a tranquilizer (anxiolytic) drug of a group of benzodiazepine derivatives. After oral administration, it has an inhibitory effect on various parts of the central nervous system. Diazepam increases the impact of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) on the brain – the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the human body.

The specific impact of Diazepam on benzodiazepine receptors increases sensitivity of the nervous system and subcortical brain structures to GABA. After taking Diazepam, stimulation of benzodiazepine receptors helps to provide the following effects on the human body:

  • Soporific;
  • sedative;
  • anticonvulsant;
  • muscle relaxant.

Diazepam is well absorbed by the body; peak blood concentration is reached approximately 1-3 hours after administration. Soothing and other effects of Diazepam last for about 4-12 hours after administration. Diazepam belongs to drugs with a long half-life, Diazepam concentration remains in the blood for several days after the drug cancellation.

A wide range of dosage forms of the drug allows Ireland residents to buy Diazepam as at regular drugstore, so and on online pharmacy. The following dosage forms are available for sale in Ireland:

  • tablets: 2, 5 and 10 mg;
  • rectal solution: 2.5, 5 and 10 mg;
  • solution / emulsion for injections: 5 mg / ml.

Use of tranquilizer should be started with the minimum effective dose. Diazepam dosage should be adapted individually for each patient. Duration of anxiolytic use should be as short as possible – no more than 1 month for insomnia treatment and no more than 3 months to eliminate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

To eliminate symptoms of psychological disorders in children older than 3 years, 2-10 mg of Diazepam per day is sufficient to use. Adult patients prone to mental disorders and insomnia should take from 5 to 15 mg of Diazepam every day.

To eliminate muscle spasms, adults should take from 2 to 15 mg of Diazepam per day split into several intakes. Up to 60 mg of Diazepam daily divided into several doses can be required to get rid of cramps caused by severe brain damage (cerebral spasticity).

Intravenous or intramuscular injection of Diazepam is preferably in status epilepticus, because the patient may have difficulty with pills intake during seizures. To reduce risk of side effects, Diazepam injections should be administered slowly – 1 ml of solution per minute.

In case of seizures and other epilepsy symptoms, the patient is administered with 10-20 mg of Diazepam intravenously or intramuscularly. If necessary, use of the anticonvulsant can be repeated every 3-4 hours.

Injectable forms of the tranquilizer can be used not only to eliminate epileptic seizures. One can buy Diazepam for intravenous or intramuscular administration for the purpose of:

  • cervical dilatation in women before delivery;
  • elimination of stress prior to dental procedures;
  • premedication – prior preparation of the patient for surgery.

Diazepam rectal solution is administered into the rectum by means of a special tube. If necessary, the tranquilizer solution can be administered every 12 hours. Diazepam rectal solution is necessary for patients who:

  • cannot take pills because of irritation of the gastric mucosa;
  • need to achieve a quick sedative effect, but intravenous or intramuscular administration of the tranquilizer is undesirable or impracticable.

Diazepam use should be discontinued by gradual dose reduction. Abrupt withdrawal of the drug significantly increases the risk of side effects: irritability, insomnia, mental confusion, or palpitations.

Several dosage forms of Diazepam (tablets, solution for injections, rectal solution) and a broad range of its use contribute to this tranquilizer use in many areas of medicine. If to buy Diazepam, it can be used in:

  • therapy;
  • pediatrics;
  • neurology;
  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • anesthesiology and surgery.

Diazepam was not the first benzodiazepine. The tranquilizer refers to second-generation of psychopharmaceutical drugs. Diazepam was developed in 1963 under the guidance of Professor Leo Sternbach in the pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche.

After a short time since Diazepam advent on the pharmaceutical market, its sales exceeded Chlordiazepoxide sales – the most popular in the 1960s benzodiazepine tranquilizer. Today Diazepam is considered a benzodiazepine tranquilizer of first line. It is still widely used in clinical practice.

Diazepam is still widely used to treat symptoms of mental disorders in many countries, including in Ireland. In this country, half a million prescriptions for this tranquilizer were written only in 2012. Diazepam popularity among the Irish can be explained by the fact that it much less common leads to addiction than other benzodiazepines, such as Nitrazepam, Flurazepam and Alprazolam.

It is possible to buy Diazepam in Ireland under its generic name, as well as under such brands as Anxicalm, Diazemuls and Stesolid. Such pharmaceutical companies as Wockhardt, Actavis and Clonmel supply Diazepam-containing drugs in Ireland.

Residents of Ireland, who do not want to spend time to go to a pharmacy, can buy Diazepam online. In addition to cheap price, you can find detailed information on dosage forms, dosage strengths and methods of Diazepam application on online pharmacies.