Buccal midazolam schedule Ireland buy

Today, various benzodiazepine derivatives are widely used in the medical field as anxiolytics or anesthetics. In Ireland, Midazolam is one of the most popular medicines of this group.

Read this review to read an explanation of the effects and benefits of this medication, as well as find out whether it is possible to buy Midazolam online, and for what purposes it is most often prescribed.

This powerful drug is very popular among the Irish surgeons and their patients. Midazolam has a broad spectrum of action, including potent analgesic, muscle relaxant and sedative.

Midazolam also has a weak anticonvulsant effect. Through this action, the Irish healthcare practitioners often prescribe this powerful drug to reduce the epileptic seizures intensity.

However, the European Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP) has decided to ban the use of this medicine in 2004 as an anticonvulsant, due to the lack Midazolam efficiency for the treatment of epilepsy.

Today, Midazolam is often prescribed as an anxiolytic or anesthetic before surgical, therapeutic, intensive care or diagnostic procedures, such as:

  • cystoscopy,
  • gastroscopy,
  • bronchoscopy,
  • colonoscopy,
  • laparoscopy

The Irish healthcare workers also recommend Midazolam for preventing or treating the withdrawal symptoms that are possible after anesthesia with such opioid analgesics, as Fentanyl (Sublimaze), Codeine (Codant) or Morphine (Cyclimorph).

In Ireland, it is sold only in two dosage forms: as a solution for injections or oromucosal solution. You may buy Midazolam in Irish pharmacies under such popular brands, as Buccolam or Hypnovel.

In some countries, such as Switzerland and Bangladesh, Midazolam is also sold in the form of 7.5 mg and 15 mg oral tablets. In this dosage form, it is known under the brands Dormicum, Dormitol, Milam and Rezolam.

These unique quick-relief tablets are prescribed for short-term treatment of moderate or severe sleep disorders. They are not sold in Ireland, but you may buy Midazolam tablets on the online pharmacies.

These pills are often taken to accelerate sleep onset, increase the sleep duration and improve its quality. In oral use, Midazolam causes sleep onset within 20 minutes, without causing withdrawal symptoms the next day.

For the treatment of sleep disorders, therapists recommend taking 15 mg of Midazolam per day, approximately 20 minutes before the alleged sleep. The minimum sleeping pills dose of 7.5 mg may be required for patients in:

  • morbid obesity,
  • compromised immunity,
  • involutional disorders,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • impaired renal or hepatic function.

These pills should be taken no longer than 14 days for the treatment of insomnia. You may buy Midazolam tablets online right now, to start the anti-insomnia treatment already today, and to avoid such adverse events, like daytime sleepiness or fatigue.

Midazolam has a fast action onset, and has a strong sedative effect, which manifests in a maximum of 5 minutes after the intravenous administration, and in 15 minutes – after the intramuscular one. The duration of this anxiolytic therapeutic action is two to six hours.

The action mechanism of Midazolam lies in the suppression of the reuptake of GABA and increase of benzodiazepine receptors sensitivity to this mediator. Such action of this drug leads to GABA accumulation in the body and the neuronal activity inhibition.

Thus, Midazolam has strong sedative and anesthetic effects, and promotes rapid sedation, relaxation and sleep onset. However, this drug has a weak potential for physical dependence.

It is included into the list of controlled drugs, and, therefore, is available in Ireland only with a prescription. However, you may buy Midazolam on the online pharmacies without a prescription. Before buying this anxiolytic, make sure to read the recommendations for its proper use:

  • Adolescents and children aged 7 and more, as well as pregnant women should not use this anxiolytic. However, Midazolam be administered in these patients only if its expected benefits significantly outweigh any potential risks.
  • Midazolam is metabolized primarily by the liver. The half-life of this drug may be increased in patients with its impaired function, which leads to increased risk of Midazolam adverse reactions, such as dizziness and ataxia. For this reason, patients with hepatic failure should use minimal doses of this anxiolytic.
  • High doses of Midazolam may cause hyperactivity, agitation, aggression, muscle tremors. Observe the assigned dosing regimen to avoid these undesirable effects.

Before you buy Midazolam online or at your local pharmacy in Ireland, read the recommendations for its dosing chart. The therapeutic dose of this anxiolytic is calculated individually for each patient, depending on his:

  • age,
  • physical status,
  • reaction to Midazolam,
  • clinical need,
  • concomitant medications,
  • history of painkillers use.

Intravenous Midazolam injections should be administered to patients about 30-60 minutes prior to a surgical intervention or medical procedure. At the same time, the following dose of this medicine are usually prescribed for anesthesia:

  • Achieving a full anesthetic action requires the introduction of Midazolam 0.4 mg solution intravenously, for about 30 seconds.
  • If the therapeutic action of this dose is not sufficient for a full anesthesia, additional Midazolam doses should be used. They amount to 0.1 mg or 0.2 mg, depending on the patient’s response.
  • The maximum dose of this anxiolytic for adults is 5 mg. However, it may increase the risk of side effects in older people. In this regard, doctors prescribe the elderly not more than 3.5 mg of Midazolam per day.

Most patients respond well to Midazolam. For this reason, it is the drug of choice for anesthesia prior to surgical interventions or for the anti-insomnia treatment.

High efficiency and a favorable safety of Midazolam were confirmed by the results of various clinical trials, including open, comparative and placebo-controlled.

Midazolam has been approved for sale and use in Ireland and in 1985, and has been widely recognized in Irish physicians, anesthesiologists and surgeons during these 30 years. You may familiarize yourself with their positive feedbacks on this drug before you buy Midazolam online.