Modafinil is a drug, used to get rid of excessive sleepiness during the day. The drug may be used by the residents of Ireland, suffering from narcolepsy. When a patient decides to buy Modafinil online, he does not require a prescription.

Narcolepsy or hypersomnia is an uncontrollable sleepiness, caused by the nervous system disorders. Narcolepsy is accompanied by sudden sleep attacks during the day. One of the excessive sleepiness symptoms is catalepsy – sleep state, in which the sensitivity to any internal and external stimuli reduces.

Modafinil belongs to the group of medicines, called “analeptics” or “psychoanaleptics”. Modafinil is used as a first-line therapy for the narcolepsy treatment. This analeptic is not capable of completely getting rid of narcolepsy, but Modafinil may reduce the severity and number of hypersomnia symptoms.

Analeptic properties of Modafinil lie in the stimulation of the heart rate and the respiratory brain center. The drug promotes more frequent breathing and increases the circulation of blood through the blood vessels.

In addition to analeptic, Modafinil also has sympathomimetic properties. The drug stimulates noradrenaline, adenosine, benzodiazepine and other groups of receptors, which regulate the “sleep-wake” cycle. Modafinil enhances the rate of mental reactions. Administration of this sympathomimetic agent promotes the activation of the nerve pathways, due to which fatigue and drowsiness disappear.

After oral administration, Modafinil is well absorbed and splits into two isomers – S and R. Peak plasma concentrations of the analeptic are achieved approximately 2-4 hours after the administration. With regular use, the half-life of Modafinil is about 15 hours.

Stable concentration of Modafinil in the body is achieved by approximately 2-4th day of use. Food does not affect the analeptic bioavailability, but may postpone the point of reaching the maximum concentration by about an hour.

The pharmacies of Ireland offer tablets, each comprising 100 or 200 mg of Modafinil. You may place the online order of this analeptic from any location in Ireland.

The starting dose of Modafinil for relieving the narcolepsy symptoms is 200 mg per day. If the patient continues having hypersomnia symptoms when using this analeptic, the daily Modafinil dose may be increased to 400 mg. The daily dose may be administered in one or two intakes – in the morning and in the afternoon.

Avoid taking the analeptic before bedtime, since the probability of insomnia is high. Although Modafinil dose, higher than 400 mg is well tolerated, there is not enough data that would show additional benefits of high analeptic doses.

Modafinil has a significant stimulating effect on the brain. Therefore, the analeptic administration period should be as short as possible. The safety of long-term regular Modafinil use for more than 2 months is not established.

Patients, prone to narcolepsy, should buy Modafinil for:

  • mild elimination of fatigue, lethargy, catalepsy and other hypersomnia symptoms;
  • maintaining the vitality throughout the day without the risk of serious side effects;
  • preservation of mental health and clarity, required for normal functioning.

Modafinil does not contribute to tolerance and drug dependence. You may stop using this analeptic at any time without the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

You may buy Modafinil only for mitigating the narcolepsy symptoms. In the first period of this analeptic appearance in Ireland, its indications for use also included:

  • chronic sleep disorders, associated with shift working schedule;
  • hypersomnia, accompanied by sleep apnea (brief interruptions of breathing during sleep).

However, Modafinil should only be used for people with a confirmed narcolepsy diagnosis, according to the recommendation of Irish Medicines Board (IMB) in 2011. However, many patients continue to buy Modafinil and use it for other purposes.

Common reasons for Modafinil use:

  • fighting fatigue, which is not related to lack of sleep;
  • fighting fatigue in multiple sclerosis;
  • alleviation of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children;
  • weight loss (Modafinil significantly suppresses hunger);
  • improving mental activity and enhancing brain performance.

Some researchers agree that Modafinil slightly improves cognitive function and eliminates fatigue. However, the analeptic effectiveness for improving brain function still requires clinical confirmation.

Modafinil was not the first drug for alleviating the narcolepsy symptoms. Initially, this analeptic was developed in France in 1986 under the guidance of Professor Michel Jouvet, who worked in the French pharmaceutical company Lafon Laboratories.

The analeptic was an active metabolite of Adrafinil – the drug for concentration improvement. Patients could buy Modafinil since 1994 under the brand name Modiodal.

According to recent statistics, narcolepsy affects about 25 people per 100 000 inhabitants in Ireland. Polls have shown that the majority of Irish doctors advise their patients to take Modafinil to reduce the hypersomnia symptoms.

You may buy Modafinil in Ireland under the non-patented name. In conventional and online pharmacies, you may also find such brands, as Provigil and Prosentio. When you buy Modafinil online, its cost may materially differ from the price for this analeptic in conventional pharmacies. Modafinil-based antipsychotics are supplied to Ireland by such companies, as PCO Manufacturing, Teva, Clonmel, Chanelle Medical and Fannin Limited.