Can get tylenol 3 equivalent Ireland


Are you willing to quickly and safely reduce fever in your child? You do not know how to get rid of headaches, muscle and menstrual pain? Try Tylenol, and see for yourself that it is the best helper in the treatment of pain or fever.

Many Irish patients today are wondering, whether it is possible to buy Tylenol in Ireland. Read this review to find out information about the supply of this medicine to the pharmaceutical market, as well as about its action mechanism, different pharmaceutical forms, efficiency and safety.

Tylenol is a popular in the US brand of medicines for pain relief of moderate or severe intensity. Branded Tylenol medications are also prescribed for the treatment of symptoms, associated with cold, flu, or allergies, including fever and/or inflammation of the nose and throat mucous membranes.

The active ingredient of all Tylenol medicines is Acetaminophen, which is more widely known in Ireland under the name Paracetamol. Various formulations of this brand also include other active ingredients, such as:

  • Guaifenesin
  • Phenylephrine
  • Diphenhydramine
  • Dextromethorphan

Tylenol analgesics and antipyretics are only sold in the US market, and are not supplied to Ireland. However, you can buy Tylenol on the online pharmacies.

Some of them offer a free Tylenol shipment directly to your home or office, or take advantage of beneficial discounts. This effective medicine is manufactured by McNeil (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson).

Tylenol is sold on the world market since 1955, and includes several lines of drugs. Each of this brand’s products is intended for the treatment of a particular disorder or disease:

  • Tylenol Headache + Muscle pain in form of a liquid gel or dispersible tablets is indicated for the reduction of spinal, head, teeth, and muscle pain.
  • Tylenol Cold & Flu products – are perfect drugs to treat colds and flu and relieve their symptoms, including cough, runny nose or sore throat. This Tylenol product range includes 325 mg tablets and 325 mg/15 ml oral fluid.
  • Tylenol Sinus is recommended to temporary relieve the symptoms of respiratory allergies, hay fever or common cold, such as fever and nasal congestion.
  • Tylenol Arthritis Pain includes two drugs with different doses of the active ingredient Paracetamol – 500 mg and 650 mg. They help to effectively cure pain syndrome in arthritis and strong muscular, menstrual or premenstrual pain.
  • Tylenol Sleep + Pain product range includes two medicines, which besides Paracetamol include a second active ingredient, Diphenhydramine. They are prescribed to patients with insomnia, associated with severe or moderate pain.
  • Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol were designed specifically for the treatment of fever or pain in young patients. They come in form of oral suspensions and are very convenient for babies and children, who have difficulty swallowing solid tablets.

Depending on the indications, different Tylenol drugs contain different doses of the active ingredients. Besides, different substances in the composition of these drugs may interact in various ways. Therefore, each of this brand’s medications has a certain dosing schedule.

Before you buy Tylenol online, carefully read the recommendations on its use. Compliance with the assigned dosing regimen will help you get rid of pain, symptoms of colds or allergies.

Adults, who need to treat pain or alleviate cold symptoms, are recommended to take a maximum of Tylenol 3 g per day, divided into equal doses. Intervals between the intakes depend on the dose of the active ingredient Paracetamol:

  • 325 mg – four hours
  • 500 mg – six hours
  • 650 mg – eight hours.

Take no more than two Tylenol PM tablets daily to treat insomnia. The dosage for children products of this brand should be calculated depending on the child’s age.

The minimum dose of Tylenol Children’s suspension is 25 ml, divided into four or five intakes. Children aged 11 and more are prescribed a maximum of 75 ml of this suspension, divided into 5 equal doses.

Buy Children’s or Infants’ Tylenol online right now to urgently reduce fever or pain intensity in your child. This medication does not affect the stomach and is completely safe for children.

Tylenol Cold & Flu tablets should be taken at a daily dose of 650 mg, and the oral liquid – 30 ml, with an interval of one to four hours. The maximum daily dose of Cold & Flue oral liquid is 150 ml.

Tylenol is intended only for short-term use. When you use this drug for pain therapy, avoid taking it more than 10 days. If the drug is used as an antipyretic agent, it is prescribed for up to 3 days maximum.

Before you buy Tylenol on an online pharmacy, find out details of its most frequent adverse reactions and precautions that you should observe, when using it.

High Tylenol doses may cause an overdose, which can manifest itself in a variety of adverse reactions in patients of different age groups:

  • in children – constipation, agitation, pruritus;
  • in adults – headache, vomiting, insomnia.

To reduce the risk of these side effects, do not take more than 4 mg of Tylenol a day and do not use it in conjunction with other Paracetamol-containing drugs. You should also avoid using it in combination with MAO inhibitors, including Tranylcypromine (Parnate) or Selegiline (Eldepryl).

Tylenol is metabolized in the liver and excreted primarily with the urine. For this reason, patients with low creatine clearance, hypovolemia, and kidney or liver disorders may require the dose adjustment.

When patients comply with the recommended dose, Tylenol has a minimal risk of adverse reactions. Most patients respond positively to its therapeutic effect and are pleased with its effectiveness in relieving pain or cold symptoms.

Within the period of 1955-1961, products of this brand were sold only by prescription, but today they are over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. In addition, Irish patients can buy Tylenol on an online pharmacy without a prescription.

Numerous preclinical and clinical studies, as well as many years of experience in the use of Tylenol, suggest that this brand’s drugs are safe for patients of any age.