Zantac prescription Ireland


Acute pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, bleedings are the signs of the ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum. It is one of the most complicated diseases of GIT which is almost impossible to cure. But despite all difficulty of the gastric ulcer treatment, emergency measures must be taken during the first symptoms.

Zantac drug is a perfect drug of the prophylaxis and treatment of the stomach and duodenum ulcer. It removes the main symptoms of the disease affecting the cause of the irritation of the GIT mucous membranes.

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Buy testesterone online


Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone which has unique anabolic action. Testosterone fastens the protein synthesis, increases the muscle mass, makes joints and ligaments stronger.

Testosterone is the main hormone for sportsmen which will help to improve power rates, and build up physique. Testosterone is biologically under-active on its own and does not act directly. It passes the stage of modification and links with androgenic receptors. It influences on metabolism in the male body.

Testosterone turns into more active form in the body – dihydrotestosterone which is the strongest natural androgen.

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Sildenafil citrate Ireland


If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your erection and are not able to relax with your sexual partner in the bed, Sildenafil drug will help you.

Sildenafil is the advanced drug for the treatment and prophylaxis of the erectile dysfunction which has been developed by Pfizer company.

From the beginning, Sildenafil was developed for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases but it was found out in the process of the medical studies that men taking the drug had better erection.

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Cost of sertraline ireland


If your body is morally exhausted and you need a strong product for the prophylaxis and treatment of depression, the modern drug Sertraline will improve your mood, help to cope with thoughts and turn to a complete life.

Sertraline drug is prescribed for the prophylaxis and treatment of depression and depressive disorders. It is a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor which suppresses the depression symptoms at any stage.

In combination with psychotherapy Sertraline give great results in the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder which is characterized by such mental disorders as paranoia, anxiety, increased feeling of fear, and obsessional ideas including sexually explicit ones.

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Get propecia Ireland


Does massive hair loss bother you and do you want to prevent alopecia? The proper hair care is not enough. Many people waste big sums of money at different cosmetic production for the hair care but it does not give the desired effect.

In women alopecia is mainly related to the improper hair care but in men alopecia is not a cosmetic problem in most cases. Hair may be lost because of the health problems, i.e. hormone imbalance.

Androgenic alopecia (the most common type of alopecia in men) appears as a result of the high level of the male sexual hormone dihydrotestosterone, or abnormal sensitivity of hair follicles to this hormone.

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Natural progesterone


Deficit of hormones in the female body leads to the pathologic changes in the functioning of all organs and systems, especially if these are sexual hormones.

Progesterone deficit is accompanied by the disorder of the reproductive function and increase of the estrogen influence which may cause malignant growth.

Progesterone has been for sale in the form of tablets for a long time, and a synthetic analogue of the female sexual hormone has been approved by FDA and added to the list of the vital drugs. One may buy cheap Progesterone in Ireland in the online pharmacy, without doctor’s prescription.

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Pantoprazole otc


Patients are prescribed inhibitors of the proton pump for ulcer disease of stomach and duodenum, erosive gastritis, and many other acid-dependent diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is a group of the medical drugs which reduce the production of the hydrochloric acid and irritating action of the gastric juice to the walls of the intestine and organs of the GIT.

Pantoprazole is one of the representatives of this medical product group. It belongs to the antiulcer drugs and is effectively used as an inhibitor of proton pump.

The difference of Pantoprazole from other antiulcer drugs consists in providing a very fast effect, and it does not affect motion of the gastro-intestinal tract even during the prolonged usage. On average, the secretory activity is completely restored in 3-4 days after the termination of Pantoprazole.

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Buy Omeprazole


In case of the appearance of the inflammatory ulcers in stomach and duodenum it is necessary to reduce the production of the gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid and irritates the mucous membrane of the walls of the digestion system organs.

Omeprazole drug may be used to do it. One may buy Omeprazole in Ireland in online pharmacy without the prescription of the doctor.

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Nolvadex online Ireland


Nolvadex is antiestrogen of the new generation which is prescribed for the prophylaxis and treatment of the malignant growth caused by the action of the female sexual hormone – estrogen.

The main active ingredient of Nolvadex drug is Tamoxifen. In its structure, Tamoxifen is a selective modulator of the estrogenic receptors in the entire body. This is the main advantage of the drug before other antiestrogens including Clomid which acts only in basal gland and ovaries.

Nolvadex blocks estrogenic receptors in all tissues and stimulates the body to the production of own testosterone. Tamoxifen does not influence on metabolism of estrogen, it only blocks receptors which produce this hormone, and the body gets rid of the excess estrogen.

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Nizoral tablets ireland


In case of fungal diseases, doctors recommend the modern innovative antifungal drug – Nizoral.

Nizoral is a brand name of Ketoconazole which has expressed antifungal action as to most causative agents. It differs Ketoconazole from other antifungal drugs with narrow spectrum of the therapeutic activity.

Nizoral is effective in the treatment of mycosis, lichen, folliculitis, candidiasis, yeast infection, and others. The pills are prescribed for the local fungal diseases of feet or hair of the head, and complicated chronic fungal diseases of genitals.

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